Everett House began Houser's Sausage Company on Tennessee Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee with a product line that was primarily breakfast sausage and chili cooked in pots and sold to retailers and restaurants in the area. Through the years, Senor Houser's chili product grew to be a consumer favorite in the East Tennessee market area and became a market leader in this category. Houser's concentrated chili con carne was an excellent hot dog chili and a great base ingredient for the customer's customized chili products.

In 1970, Mr. Houser decided to retire from the business and sold the brand, recipes and production facility to Elm Hill Meats in Lenoir City, Tennessee. Elm Hill Meats continued to operate the Tennessee Avenue facility for several years continuing to pot cook and market Mr. Houser's great product in a growing geographical market area. Eventually, the Tennessee Avenue facility was closed and production of Houser's Chili was moved to Lenoir City, Tennessee. This move modernized the chili production process without compromising the product quality and flavor profile. Today, Senor Houser's Chili con carne continues to be "Kettle Cooked" using the original recipes. Houser's chili market area continues to grow for both the retail and foodservice products to encompass many areas of the southeast.