Frosty Morn Meats Incorporated was originally started by the Neuhoff family in Clarksville, Tennessee. Through the years, the company expanded and added new production facilities in other areas, such as Montgomery, Alabama, Kinston, North Carolina and Quincy, Florida. The Frosty Morn brand gained wide consumer confidence throughout the southeastern United States with products that provided families with the appearance, flavor profile, and value they wanted. The Frosty Morn product line included Franks, Luncheon Meats, ham, bacon, and Fresh Meats.

In 1977, Mr. Neuhoff closed the last remaining Frosty Morn plant back in Clarksville, and the brand disappeared from Supermarket Shelves everywhere. However, in 1978, Baltz Brothers Packing Company purchased the brand and recipes, and it was only a short time later that consumers were able to enjoy the Frosty Morn products they loved once more.

In 1991, Elm Hill Meats, which eventually became Family Brands, purchased the Frosty Morn brand from Baltz Brothers and continues the great tradition of Frosty Morn today.