The Elm Hill brand was created by the Baltz family in Nashville, Tennessee to be the flagship brand of their packing company, located on Elm Hill Pike. With good product flavor profiles and strong marketing and sales efforts, Elm Hill became a major brand in Nashville and other Middle Tennessee markets in spite of strong competition from other regional brands and national companies. The Elm Hill brand product line included both retail and foodservice products which encompassed wieners, luncheon meats, bacon, ham and fresh meat categories.

In 1965, the Baltz family in Nashville teamed with the Wampler family in Lenoir City, Tennessee to continue the growth of the brand in markets to the east of Nashville with great success. This joint venture became the origin of Family Brands.

In 1991, Elm Hill Meats Incorporated in Lenoir City bought the brand and recipes from Baltz Brothers Packing Company and continued the promotion of the Elm Hill brand.

Today, the Elm Hill brand includes retail and foodservice products in wieners, sliced luncheon meats, bacon and ham product categories building on the success of the brand's history.